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8 June 2010

230 farmsteads registered in Minsk Oblast

MINSK, 8 June (BelTA) – An estimated 230 farmsteads have been registered in the Minsk Oblast, BelTA learnt from Irina Deshkevich, chief specialist of the department for physical education, sports and tourism of the Minsk oblast executive committee. The majority of them are in the Minsk Region (61). There are 35 farmsteads in the Myadel Region and 23 in the Volozhino Region. The Kopyl and Kletsk Regions have one farmstead each. The Starye Dorogi and Krupki Regions have two farmsteads apiece. Over the recent years the number of farmsteads in the Minsk Oblast has considerably increased. There were only seven farmsteads in 2006. Their amount reached 48 in 2007, 125 in 2008 and 214 in 2009. In 2010 the total of farmsteads made up 230. The range of services the farmsteads offer has been steadily expanding. It now includes fishing, sauna, national cuisine, trips in the woods and along the rivers. Some farmsteads set up small eco-museums, develop unusual walking, cycling and water excursions. According to Irina Deshkevich, close attention is paid to the development of the agro eco-tourism in the Minsk Oblast. Special-purpose task groups have been set up in every region to receive applications from the agro eco-tourism facilities and consider the materials for their efficiency as agro eco-projects. There have been published advertisement and information brochures Farmstead Ring, Rural Tourism, etc. An advertisement and information disc Tourism of the Minsk Oblast, Farmsteads of the Minsk Oblast maps, catalogues of farmsteads were produced and distributed in 2009. Boards with a map of a town and its tourist objects were set up in Borisov, Logoisk, Myadel, Zaslavl.

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