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16 March 2012

Minsk Oblast to promote eco-farming

MINSK, 16 March (BelTA) – Minsk Oblast is interested in promoting organic farm production, Minsk Oblast Governor Boris Batura said as he met with representatives of the international public association of stockbreeders “East-West”, foreign partners of the project, Organic Agriculture in the Baltic Sea Region, on 15 March, BelTA has learnt. The region boasts its most picturesque Naroch Krai and limits the use of chemicals on almost half of its farming land due to this nature conservancy zone. Agriculture in the region needs eco-farming methods. Ecologically-clean production makes part of the Naroch region development program for 2011-2015. Besides, pilot eco-projects are implemented in Krupki District. Nearly 15,000 hectares will be allocated here to develop organic farming. There are plans to build a dairy farm for 5,000 cows and a milk-processing plant. Boris Batura stressed that such products enjoy a high demand both in European countries and Belarus. Purchasing orders for eco-friendly products come from several Belarusian big chain stores. “The demand for such product will continue growing around the globe and we should follow these trends,” the Governor said. To give a boost to the process, the country needs a well-developed legal framework and a separate program concerning organic production development, Boris Batura explained. Representative of the Farmer and Rural Support Fund of Lithuania Arunas Svitojus told the participants of the meeting about the Lithuanian eco-farming practices. Lithuania launched this initiative some 6-7 years ago. About 2% of the farming land was allocated for bio production (this figure makes up 20% in some European countries). The Lithuanian representative praised the level of the Belarusian agro-industrial complex. Swedish and Lithuanian guests were given a tour of Belarus’ farms Unibox and DAK in Derzhinsk District.

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