Address: 1, Lenina Square, Myadel


Phone/fax: +375-1797-41002

Hotline: +375-1797-41002

Main Social Services

Social Services

Health Care System 

The medical services in the Myadel region are provided by the Myadel Central Regional Hospital and three local clinics, ambulance stations and 15 feldsher-midwife centres.


The educational network of Myadel District consists of 34 educational institutions of different types: 18 schools (one gymnasium, 1 primary school, 16 secondary schools), 11 preschool establishments and 5 out-of-school institutions. There is also the Svir College of Agriculture in the district.


There 61 cultural institutions in Myadel District: 26 community centers, 31 libraries, Myadel School of Children’s Art, two music schools (in Naroch and Budslav). There are 7 forl arts groups: Krichev folk choir (founded in 1981), folk collective “Uzlianka” (1991), folk song group “Radaunitsa” (1993), folk group “Skarbnitsa” (2003), folk group “Vdokhnovenie (Inspiration)” (2003), amateur folk group “Krivichi” (1997), folk pop-group “Province” (2006). The pop and ballroom dance studio “Tandem” (2004) has the title “exemplary”.

There are 169 monuments in the district: 81 historical monuments, 26 specimen of architecture and 62 archaeological sites. 52 out of 169 monuments are included into the State List of the Historical and Cultural Values of the Republic of Belarus.

Sport and Tourism

Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism Department of the Myadel Regional Executive Committee

5, Leninskaya street, Myadel, Belarus
phone: +375 1797 54008

Mass Media

The local mass media are represented by the Narachanskaya Zara newspaper and a regional radio station Narachanskaya Khvalya. The newspaper is issued two times a week (Wednesday and Saturday with the number of pages of 4 and 12 respectively). The Myadel regional radio station Narachanskaya Khvalya goes on the air five times a week: on Mondays 22h05-22h30, on Wednesdays – 11h40-12h00, on Thursdays on Radio Yunost - 11h40-12h00, on Fridays – 6h25-6h40 and on Saturdays - 8h10-8h30. Total air time amounts to 100 minutes a week.

“Narachanskaya Khvalya” radio programme is broadcast in the Myadel region on ultrashort waves (68.7 MHz)
8, Sovetskya street, Myadel, Minsk oblast, Belarus, 222397
phone/fax: +375 1797 55554



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